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Saving the Lighthouse
Sunday, March 7, 1999  —  Charleston Post and Courier

Saving the Morrison Island lighthouse is symbolic of what's great about America. A group of citizens recognize a need, and they get together and do something about it. In the case at hand, the need is to acquire and stabilize a structure which, more than anything else, attests to our heritage as a seafaring community. Save the Light, Inc, a non-profit organization, has made the acquisition. The individuals involved have given of their own time and, in some cases, have pledged personal funds to achieve this goal.

The next step is to shore up the foundation, and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers is evaluating the situation. Ultimately, federal, state and private funds will secure the lighthouse for future generations.

It seems appropriate for Save the Light to turn the lighthouse over to the state of South Carolina in the end. Most historic landmarks are in the care of public agencies. Likewise, the Morris Island lighthouse should be owned by the people of South Carolina.

The Maritime Association of the Port of Charleston has made a financial contribution to Save the Light. We congratulate its organizers on the acquisition of the lighthouse and thank them for their vision.

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