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Morris Island Lighthouse Makes the Cover Story
Fall 2001  —  Save the Light, Inc.

The Morris Island Lighthouse was the cover story for the Fall 2001 issue of The Keeper's Log, the quarterly publication of the United States Lighthouse Society. The Society, headquartered in San Francisco, has published the Keeper's Log since 1984. It's an honor to be selected as the cover story and will provide great exposure for Save The Light and the efforts to preserve the Morris Island Lighthouse.

The cover story was written by Save The Light's Executive Director, Doug Bostick, and provided a detailed historic review of the Morris Island Lighthouse and events leading up to the lighthouse being transferred to the State of South Carolina. The article featured many historic photographs of the lighthouse and related buildings on Morris Island. The article also included a number of modern day photographs taken by Dr. Richard Beck, Co-chairman of Save The Light.

The beautiful photographs that adorn the front and back cover of this issue are pictures of the Morris Island Lighthouse taken by Dr. Don Wuori, a member of Save The Light and noted nature photographer from Columbia, SC.

If you are not a member of the United States Lighthouse Society, you may order a copy of the Fall 2001 issue for $7.00 by calling the Society at 415-362-7255

Front Cover — The Keepers Log, Fall 2001

Back cover — The Keepers Log, Fall 2001
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